Fishing Reports

EAST WALKER RIVER       March 18, 2018

The weather was pretty stormy most of the last week so we didn’t have much angler traffic lately, the flows are up to around 220 and at least for now the weather has cleared up a but though pretty cold in the mornings. I would try to be on the water from around 10am to 4 pm or so as this should be when the fish are the most active. Nymphing will likely be the best technique though you may be able to pick up some fish on streamers. 

Recommended Flies:

WD040 in olive, chocolate and gray, zebra midge, flash bang midge, miracle midge, mercury midge, rainbow warrior, silver streak, micro mayfly, psycho prince, top secret midge, pheasant tail, lite brite prince, flashback emerger, micro stone, zuddler, sculpzilla, wooly bugger, dead drift crayfish. 

FYI - The Nevada Department of Wildlife is re-vamping their fishing/hunting license program and will be sending Ken's a computer license terminal in February for our customers to purchase Nevada licenses. During the change over I have been asked to send in all my paper license books on January 1 so they can be reconciled with the department. This means that I will not be able to sell any Nevada licenses for about 4 to 8 weeks after the first of the year. If you're planning a trip to fish Nevada waters during this time be sure to get your license ahead of time, either online or from a Nevada license dealer! I'll keep you posted when my terminal arrives and we're online!

I’m expecting to see the Nevada license terminal here within the next 3 or so weeks and will get it set up and running asap when it shows. I’ll let ya’ll know when we’re back online with Nevada licenses!

SCEIRINE RANCH               March 18, 2018

We didn’t have anyone on the ranch this past week, most of the flies listed above should be working down there this time of year, as the weather gets better, so should the fishing!! 

HUNEWILL POND                March 18, 2018

The pond re-froze on us with the latest cold snap, I’ll try to get out there to have a look if the weather stays (fairly) warm for a few more days and will keep you posted. 

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                 March 18, 2018

Closed until April 28, 2018 

KIRMAN LAKE                             March 18, 2018

Closed until April 28, 2018 

TWIN LAKES                       March 18, 2018

Closed until April 28, 2018 

WEST WALKER RIVER                             March 18, 2018

The weather was pretty cold and windy most of this past week and unfortunately we didn’t hear any news from the West, If the weather warms up a bit you should be able to have some action with attractor nymphs and maybe some small streamers. Try prince nymphs, pheasant tails and wooly buggers. 

VIRGINIA LAKES                       March 18, 2018 

Closed until April 28, 2018 

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